🎁 New
  • Enhanced the
    hold the line
    feature to identify whether issues on modified lines are new or existing. This new mode must currently be turned on in configuration, and will become the default in a future version of trunk. See documentation.
✨ Improvements
  • Added support for Rust nightlies when using a system version of Rust.
  • The
    feature now supports all comment formats specified in configuration.
  • Additional validation logic has been added for custom triggers.
  • Upgraded the minimum required launcher version to 1.2.4, which will be automatically upgraded by Trunk.
  • Improved the
    output to show which configuration files are being used for each linter.
  • Git hooks now prioritize the Trunk launcher in the repository before searching on the system.
  • All fields except
    are now merged from plugins.
  • The LSP server now gracefully handles non-text files such as images.
  • Improved the performance of the LSP server when working with large sets of files.
  • Enhanced the LSP server's ability to update diagnostics for files that are produced indirectly.
🔧 Fixes
  • Resolved a bug where multiple Git hooks that used the same runtime would hang after the first one.