🎁 New
  • Introducing LUV ❤️ (Linter Upgrade Validation). Trunk now periodically scans for new versions of linters and runs them against a suite of tests. Only when these tests pass will Trunk suggest that users upgrade to that version.
  • Trunk releases can now require a minimum version of the plugins repo to be active. If an older version is active, trunk will automatically use the newer version.
  • New Python linter: Ruff
✨ Improvements
  • SARIF parsing now supports autofixes.
  • Clippy now supports repos with multiple crates.
  • Brakeman now supports apps not in the root of the repo.
  • The LSP server now watches for deleted files and stops showing those lint results in vscode.
  • Bump the default Rust version to 1.67.0
  • Bump the default Go version to 1.19.5
  • Linters can now specify in configuration that they run on files or folders other than the input file itself.
🔧 Fixes
  • Fix various edge cases in matching for globs specified configuration.
  • Fix an edge case where the LSP server would not return results if a repo had no changes.
  • Fix auto-fixes not showing the name of the linter.
  • Ensure that runtimes are installed when used only by an action.