More bug fixes and stability improvements. Keep an eye on the plugins repo for a big new release coming soon!
✨ Improvements
  • When the computer is waking from sleep, don't schedule redundant time-based actions.
  • Ensure that the trunk daemon inherits no file descriptors from calling processes.
  • The
    is now run in non-interactive contexts, such as vscode commit.
🔧 Fixes
  • Fix some trunk commands hanging when firewalls are active.
  • Increased stability of the LSP server.
  • Support parsing all issue levels in pylint.
  • Correctly call out how many new and existing issues have auto-fixes.
  • Support linter versions with pre-release semver tags.
  • Wait for filesystem events to settle down before checking for
    deletion, which triggers daemon shutdown.
  • Fix a regression in spacebar skipping of checks in git hooks.
  • Fix bug where sometimes issues below the defined threshold were counted as blocking.