🎁 New
  • Introduce the ability to pin a specific version of a linter, tool, or runtime in Trunk. Append a
    to its version to prevent updates via trunk upgrade.
  • Added support for plugins in prettier versions >=3.0.0.
✨ Improvements
  • Replaced
    in linter definitions (see docs).
  • Trunk will no longer suggest upgrades that are enabled in a plugin.
🔧 Fixes
  • Resolved an issue where trunk upgrade sometimes failed to display upgrade summaries.
  • Updated
    parsing with support for the arguments key.
  • Fix a rare crash in the
    hook when pressing the spacebar to skip checks.
  • Do a better job of discarding issues in files outside the workspace.
  • The LSP Sever does a better job clearing stale diagnostics.
  • Better crash reporting on macOS.
  • Better error messages when failing to resolve DNS entries.
  • Fixed a bug where trunk would reinstall tools on each upgrade.
  • Many Windows bug fixes.