🎁 New
  • Introducing Trunk Tools: Hermetic runtime and CLI manager.
  • Linux arm64 support added.
  • Run only security linters using
✨ Improvements
  • Linter command overrides now honor platform constraints.
  • Filetype definitions expanded: Match any shebang with ALL.
  • trunk fmt
    now supports
  • Added
    : Linters can bypass parsing for specific tool exit codes.
  • Node runtime now recognizes user's .npmrc settings.
🔧 Fixes
  • Resolved crash issue for
    with trunk
  • Corrected off-by-one error in include-what-you-use parser.
  • Numerous Windows-related fixes.
  • LSP Server: Diagnostics from user.yaml are now cleared appropriately.
  • SARIF parser updated to support
    artifact locations.